Create the right sound for your space

Exclusive Radio for your Brand

We are sure you’ve visited stores that play great music, lift your mood, help you make the right choice and you leave feeling good. Now that’s an art we are experts at!

From popular music to royalty free music, from supermarkets to apparel, in India or overseas, we create the right sound for your space that enhances your brand identity.

Designated Channel Manager

The only instore agency to offer a designated channel manager for your brand.

Music Management

- Inhouse DJ’s spinning the right tracks to create the right mood
- Select the right genre
- Curate tracks as per mood and hour of the day
- Keep right energy levels
- Shuffle tracks every month

Creative content creative

- Sports Talk, Special movie hour: Best of Bollywood, Hollywood & even Tollywood, Fashion tips
- Product highlights every hour
- Top of the hour branded RJ Jingle
- RJ Jingles
- Celebrity Voice-overs*
- Jingles

Employee Communication

- Connect HO to store staff
- Create communication on performance guidelines, other relevant information
- Convey Messages from company leaders

To experience these solutions at your business site for free, write to us at sales@radiowalla.in.