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Create the right sound for your space.

Exclusive Radio for your Brand

Music plays a very important role in the overall store experience. It can make or break the shopping experience and environment. While you focus on selling your products, you need the help of experts who can hold your hand through the music experience for your customer. We help brands move from music as a pain point to music as a delight. Our team of music experts, aided by a world class technology platform, delivers a seamless music experience blended with audio imaging and promotion production for a 360 degree immersive bespoke radio station feel in your stores. With an experience of a billion plus listeners, 400+ brands and 14000+ locations, we are the partner of choice of the retail industry in India and Middle East. Reach out to us today for a free demo and a discussion about making the audio experience in your stores reach its potential.

Multiple Player Options

Choose from Windows, Linux, Web Player or Radiowalla Device Options.

Real Time Dashboard & Analytics

Real time status reports and configurable alerts, detailed analytics and playout stats.

Multilingual Content

Choose your language – Kashmiri to Tamil, Gujarati to Assamese, we do it all and more.

7 Days Support

We are here to make sure your stores never face any issue.

Music Curation By Experts

Our team of music experts works with you to curate that ideal sound for your station.

Multiple Media Options

Mp4, Mp3, Wav etc.

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